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    Marble PLA Filament

    $26.99 CAD
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    VX Marble PLA is a great choice for general 3D printing and cosmetic parts. PLA (Polylactic acid) is a biopolymer derived from plants, and is well known for its ease of printing and high quality finishes.

    Benefits of VX Marble PLA:

    • Excellent high quality surface finishes
    • Easiest material to print with low shrinkage and warp
    • Very low odor, perfect for home and office environments
    • Made from plants
    • Suitable for prototypes, concept models, sculptures, etc.
    • With added marble-like parts for more visual appeal!

    General Information:

    • Made from 100% Grade A virgin non-toxic raw materials
    • Vacuum sealed bag with desiccant
    • Bubble-free, tangle-free, jam-free
    • Diameter: 1.75 mm (+/-0.03 mm)
    • Net weight: 1 kg

    Recommended Settings:

    • Extruder: 190-220°C at 60-90 mm/s, adjust accordingly depending on your volumetric flow, print speeds, and nozzle. If you print faster, print hotter than recommended!
    • Bed Temp: 60°C
    • Chamber: Not required, but recommended 20°C printing environment
    • Part Cooling: Up to 100%
    • Bed Prep: Smooth/Textured PEI, Vision Miner Nano Polymer Adhesive, NorthPrint3D Bed Adhesive, etc.
    • Drying Temp: 45-60°C for 4 hours. Use a lower temperature if your filament dryer produces hot spots

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