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08.03.2020 - Shipping Updates, DESKMAT® Deskmat, FFF Switches

One of our goals as a vendor is to offer reasonable prices and act on feedback in as short amount of time as possible to offer the best possible experience for our friends all over the world. Following our launch in July, we have received a lot of feedback on ways that we can improve, and rest assured, we've taken all those points into consideration!  The first major issue was the lack of global proxies when the Group Buy launched. In the current state of the hobby, there really is no good excuse for this other than "a blatant oversight", and so we have teamed up with our friends from all over the world to offer our products internationally. If...

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Malvix Studio Launch

We're incredibly excited to announce that our store will be open at midnight pacific time on July 20, 2020. Coincidentally, this is also when we will launch our first product, DESKMAT® Deskmat, in collaboration with Cloods. Check it out here! More things to come :)

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