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    08.03.2020 - Shipping Updates, DESKMAT® Deskmat, FFF Switches

    One of our goals as a vendor is to offer reasonable prices and act on feedback in as short amount of time as possible to offer the best possible experience for our friends all over the world. Following our launch in July, we have received a lot of feedback on ways that we can improve, and rest assured, we've taken all those points into consideration! 

    The first major issue was the lack of global proxies when the Group Buy launched. In the current state of the hobby, there really is no good excuse for this other than "a blatant oversight", and so we have teamed up with our friends from all over the world to offer our products internationally. If you are in the following regions, check out these awesome folks, who currently offer DESKMAT® Deskmat, and soon (if not already), will offer FFF switches as well!




    The second point we'd like to address is our domestic and US shipping rates. Usually, shipping companies like to see some volume before they are able to offer better shipping discounts for shops like ours, however, we've heard you loud and clear. Shipping costs too much, and is becoming a major issue for our friends in the US. We know this pain all too well, because we are consumers too, and we've bought deskmats from the US, with shipping varying wildly anywhere from $25-40 US Dollars to Canada. As a result, we have spent the past 2 weeks negotiating with every single courier available, and have landed a deal to get better discounts with Canada Post, based on our projected volume. Shipping rates for orders after (and including) Order #1142 already enjoy the new and lower costs. Initially, we included a Day One discount for our products to help out with the higher shipping, however, since we now have lower shipping rates, we will refund the difference in shipping for orders #1141 and lower. Yes, that means you will end up with a lower shipping cost than initial, and you will also keep the Day One discount for supporting us early on. On average, shipping to the US has gone down by about $2 US Dollars. You will be refunded on a case by case basis, based on the actual rates that are quoted to us. WE WILL EXTEND THE DESKMAT GB BY 1 DAY, SO IT NOW ENDS AUGUST 04, 2020, RIGHT BEFORE MIDNIGHT PST.

    EDIT: Shipping refunds will occur during fulfillment. This is because there may be additional adjustments prior to shipping (3 since this announcement), and it's much easier to just refund those affected once, rather than many times.

    Finally, despite the hurdles that we have to work through, we have also received an overwhelming amount of support from our friends all over the world, and that is one of the most humbling experiences ever. We hope to continue improving, and we appreciate the trust and support from everyone as we continue to grow!

    As a little bonus, for making it this far, here is a typing test of the keyboard mentioned on the product page of our FFF switches, built with FFFs of course. You'll want your headphones for this one: 


    - We are incredibly humbled by the amount of support we've received so far

    - International proxies are now avail with

    - We negotiated lower shipping rates, orders #1141 and before will have the difference in shipping refunded

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