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    About Us

    Who we are

    Malvix Studio is a leading Canadian design studio and mechanical keyboard vendor located in the Greater Vancouver Area. Since 2020, we have been providing high-quality custom components and services to Canadian, US, and international keyboard enthusiasts. Whether you need parts, supplies, tools, or a complete custom mechanical keyboard, we have you covered. Our mission is to provide high-quality components that elevate the typing experience for everyone.


    What we do


    Our focus is on bringing new designs and custom products to the hobby through proper engineering and testing. We're enthusiasts, just like you! That means we never settle for the status quo, always striving to improve our products.

    Innovative keyboard-making is the cornerstone of Malvix Studio's heritage. All of our items are meticulously designed and rigorously tested to ensure reliability and longevity.

    We leverage cutting edge advanced technologies such as FEA and computer-aided simulations to optimize our designs and conduct proper scientific research on ideal material selection for every component. We verify every product through prototyping to ensure the highest level of quality. Our commitment to making the best of the best extends to after-sales as well, offering comprehensive support when needed. We believe that you will not find better elsewhere.


    Why we do it


    Before our product and service providing venture, we noticed 


    Our Team


    Designer / Engineer / Founder

    Michael Z
    Vancouver, Canada

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    Highest Quality

    We love obsessing over every detail to bring you the best products in the game.

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