Krytox™ GPL 205g0 Switch Lube

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Krytox™ GPL 205g0 Switch Lube

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Provided by The Chemours Company, Krytox™ 205g0 is a military-grade high viscosity lubricating grease that is non-reactive, nonflammable, and long lasting; perfect for lubing any switch! It is typically used as a switch lubricant to reduce noises and give your switches a smoother feel, but has also been used on stabilizers to eliminate ticking and rattling.

When applied properly:

3 mL is enough for about 250-300 switches.

5 mL is enough for about 450-500 switches.

10 mL is enough for about 900-1000 switches.

Please store Krytox™ GPL 205g0 in a cool and dry place.

Please note that all lubricant purchases are non-returnable & non-refundable once the sale is final.

Please note that this is an industrial product. Malvix Studio is not responsible for any damages from inexperienced usage. Please do not ingest or leave on skin.

Data & Safety Sheets available upon request.

Brush not included.