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    Gateron CAP Anniversary Switches

    $7.25 CAD
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    Switches are sold in packs of 10. Order quantity 1 = 10 switches, quantity 10 = 100 switches.

    The Gateron CAP Anniversary switches brings the best of both world into the design, with a translucent ink top and a classic nylon bottom. The top housing has a new geometry that leads to incredible light dissipation for applications involving LED lighting. 

    Vix's notes: The top and bottom housings are incredibly tight, with absolutely no wobble. Therefore, filming is not necessary. The spring feels very snappy. Overall, a great addition to the Gateron family. The switch is fairly smooth stock, but would benefit from an application of 205g0.

    Lubed orders will use Krytox 205g0 on the switches and Krytox 106 on the springs. No need to purchase these products separately, we'll use our own materials! 

    Diamond polishing is the endgame of switch modification. Using sub-micron diamond paste as a polishing medium and a purpose-built machine, we GUARANTEE the smoothest switch experience you will ever have.


    There are no refunds or cancellations on this product.


    • Translucent Ink Top Housing
    • Nylon Bottom Housing
    • Unique POM CAP v2 Stem
    • Linear Switch
    • 4 mm travel
    • 50 g actuation | 65 g bottom out
    • 20 mm Gold Plated Slow Spring
    • PCB mount 5-pin



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