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    Gateron Ink V2 Switches

    $9.50 CAD
    Unit price  per 

    Switches are sold in packs of 10. Order quantity 1 = 10 switches, quantity 10 = 100 switches.

    The Gateron Ink v2 switches are offered in the Ink Black variant only, featuring a transparent smoky housing and a black coated spring. The switch is made of a new type of plastic and is very smooth with very little spring crunch.

    The V2 switches have an upgraded housing that helps make the contact leaves more secure in the bottom housing.

    Lubed + Filmed orders will use Krytox 205g0 on the switches, Krytox 106 on the springs, and Deskeys Switch Films. No need to purchase these products separately, we'll use our own materials!

    Diamond polishing is the endgame of switch modification. Using sub-micron diamond paste as a polishing medium and a purpose-built machine, we GUARANTEE the smoothest switch experience you will ever have.


    There are no refunds or cancellations on this product. This is a custom order.


    • Translucent Smoky Housing with Black POM Stem
    • Linear Switch
    • 4 mm travel
    • 60 g actuation | 70 g bottom out
    • PCB mount 5-pin



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