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    Malvix Studio MX Switch Opener

    $6.00 CAD
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    Fully custom designed and produced in-house, this switch opener is built from the ground up to support all your favorite MX style switches! Manufactured with engineering resin using SLA 3D printing technology, the tight tolerances help hold the bottom housing firmly in place while effortlessly lifting the top housing up. The flexibility of the material allows the bottom housing to be removed just as easily afterwards. Areas that endure stress have also been reinforced for longevity of the tool.

    Want one for free? Buy more than 70 (qty 7) of any switch, and receive a free switch opener in your order!

    Newest V5:

    • Completely new resin formulation for even better toughness. Thickened and reinforced every part of the opener. Survived a single drop from the second floor in our testing. The latest batch is black.


    • Improved material blend for a perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility to allow for easier removal of the bottom housing after opening.


    • Further improved structural rigidity and manufacturing tolerances


    • Improved manufacturing tolerances


    • Initial release

    Tested Compatibility:

    • Cherry MX
    • Durock Switches
    • Gateron Milky Tops
    • Gateron inks
    • JWK Switches
    • Kailh Creams
    • Zeal Switches
    • Most switches on the market

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